Saturday, 27 October 2012

Do you know what you want? I dont mean right now not the superficial stuff we crave right at this moment but in general? What most people will say is i think i want.... well... what you think you want isnt always what you want when you get it and if you rush into what you only think you want you could end up hurting others and yourself, the problem is when we finally realise what we do actually want its usually to late to get it or weve missed it and let it slip trough our fingers. What about what we actually need.... love? attention? money? or just food, water and oxygen... the sad thing is that even those who dont have necessary immunities often have the unnecessary things that we feel we need  and want. I hear people say a lot that they just want someone to love who they can trust but this isnt true... what if the person you love and trust doesnt love and trust you? then its not healthy.. and everyone needs more than just that, its never that simple, i promise, its just not.... if all we need from life is happieness whats to say we'll ever get it or deserve it and if we do get it will we even know we have it. NO  and then when we have lost it we'll realise that we did in fact have what we wanted!!!!! we'll never be happy regardless, there will always be something more that we will want, one thing better, bigger, one step the real question is.....why bother?